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T Bazi X Gorgeous Girl Candles

Free Candle Gift with Purchase

T Bazi customers will receive a 2.5oz rose water scented T Bazi candle gift with purchase. The candle is hand-poured in seattle by Goreous Girl Candles. Our candles are 100% non-toxic. We use glass vessels, cotton wicks, virgin coconut soy wax, and high end luxury fragrance blended with essential oils proven to have positive effects on mood.
While supplies lasts.

Supporting Women-Owned Businesses

T Bazi has teamed up with Gorgeous Girl Candle Company in Seattle this spring to share the gift of mood boosting scents with your purchase of Persian T Oil. Check out our girl Lindsay, founder of GGC and her amazing story here.

T Bazi Persian T Oil

Add a serving of Persian T Oil to elevate your daily ritual! This blend of premium botanicals supports your skin's integrity with rejuvenating, clarifying and hydrating properties.  

Persian Skincare All Natural Oil
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Save 20% when you suscribe to auto replenish and never run out again.
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From the people
From the people

"Before using T Bazi my skin looked tired and dull but after using T Bazi my skin felt transformed!  It's glowing and my hard lines have softened. It gives me confidence to go out without makeup on or have guests over and not worry about rushing to touch up my face.  I'm saving money because I don't need multiple products anymore I just need my T Bazi Persian T Oil.  I truly love this oil and have recommended it to all of my friends and family.  I get compliments all the time now because of my complexion is brighter and I'm glowing!!! I tell everyone it's because of T Bazi."

MH Age 41, 2023
From the people

"I have very sensitive skin and very rarely use something other than my normal. Out to dinner with a friend, she noticed redness around my face and neck during passionate discussion. Not shocked at all, I explained this happens all the time and there's nothing I can do about it. She asked if I would try rubbing T Bazi Persian T Oil on my chest to see if that would help and within 5 minutes, the redness was gone! There was even a visible spot I missed that showed the difference. I'm excited to use this product again to help heal my skin's irritation for good."

Danielle Age 29, 2023
Persian Skincare All Natural Oil
From the people

"I have struggled with acne and breakouts most of my adult life.  I was honestly a little weary of putting oil on my skin because of this.  I have been using it consistently for a month now and you's the real deal.  My breakouts feel better managed and less frequent, my skin is so hydrated and dewy, and it smells SO good.  When you apply it, it goes on so smooth and it doesn't leave an oily feeling at all.  I even made my fiancé use it when his nose got sunburned from surfing and he was shook by how good it felt and how much it helped his burn.  10/10!!!!  I can not recommend T Bazi enough if you want your skin to be glowy and hydrated."

Gabby Age 26, 2023
From the people
“Nina, my skin is hyper sensitive, not just sensitive; I’m very weary of what products I use. When I tried T Bazi, I was hesitant at first due to my sensitivity, but I know and trust you and I know how much research you conducted with this product. From the aroma, to the glow my skin radiates after using your product, to instantly feeling moisturized and even seeing some of my hyperpigmentation slowly fade away, my testimony is that your product is a game changer. Thank you for making this for women like me - malanated with sensitive skin!”
Krista, 2023

Heritage Driven Skincare

Our mission is to help you be more YOU. We strive to empower people to embrace not only their natural beauty but their cultural heritage. Our goal is to inspire confidence, self-love, and self-expression in every person we touch, and to foster a community that celebrates individuality and inclusivity.


Ancient skin care secrets encompass a rich heritage of natural remedies

Iranian women have long valued beauty and sought ways to maintain healthy, radiant skin. While it's important to note that individual experiences may vary, here are some specific ancient skin care secrets