About The Brand


About The Brand


Discover The Cultural Beauty influenced by Ancient Traditions

Timeless Luxury Skincare Infused with Premium All-Natural Botanicals, Nourishing Your Skin with Rejuvenation, Clarity, and Hydration, Fortifying the Skin Barrier.



Nina Hajian


Hello! I'm Nina Hajian, the founder of T Bazi. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of my Iranian heritage, I've crafted a line of all-natural products rooted in ancient traditions. Our mission goes beyond skincare – it's about empowering you to embrace your true self. We're here to boost your confidence and provide comfort in your own skin.

At T Bazi, our goal is to inspire self-love, self-expression, and cultivate a community that celebrates individuality and inclusivity. We believe in fostering connections and embracing the uniqueness of each person.

The name T Bazi, translating to 'T Party' in Farsi, reflects our cultural connection to tea. More than just a beverage, tea is a symbol of sharing and connection. My aspiration is that using our products becomes a soul-nourishing act of self-care, just like the warmth of sharing tea with loved ones.

Serve yourself Premium Botanicals, designed to nourish and enhance your skin's natural beauty. With T Bazi, we invite you on a journey of self-discovery and celebration.

Meet The President of Everything else

Jenna McGinnis

I founded my own company with a mission to champion and nurture
individuals, brands, and businesses with exceptional growth potential. My
innate intuition has been a valuable asset throughout my career, and now, I am
deeply committed to fueling meaningful growth opportunities by harnessing the power of insight and knowledge. My focus is on guiding emerging brands and innovative concepts
to success in an ever-evolving industry. Recently, I've been attracting like-minded entrepreneurial spirits, and I believe that in today's tech-driven world, we have an unprecedented opportunity to propel our businesses to their
maximum potential. 

Nina and I met on St. Patrick's Day, and as luck would have it in my culture -- it was meant to be. We share the same philosophy in life and the importance of living out your dreams to the fullest potential. She inspired me to take a leap of faith and join her in building a unique brand of ancient wisdom that helps heal and promotes self love.

Nina puts her whole heart into this Brand and I'm honored to be a part of this journey of finding your own self-expression and helping you be more YOU.